About Us

Coyote Consulting provides a results-focused approach to Data Warehousing and Management, Business Process Automation, and Information Technology Strategy. If you are striving to build one source for business metrics and data for your organization, attempting to increase efficiency, or researching technologies for the future of your business, then please consider contacting us.


Data Warehousing and Management

Today's hybrid IT environments combining on-premise and cloud-based solutions provide incredible value and utility; however, data management and reporting can become a challenge. Gain a single source for your data analysis needs by consolidating the data from your systems into a data warehouse.

Business Process Automation

Anytime you need to enter data in more than one application, run reports from more than one program, or build a spreadsheet by copying and pasting from more than one system you have an opportunity to automate a process. Most systems today include methods enabling the automatic push or pull data to or from them. We can use these interfaces to automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and reduce data discrepancies.

Information Technology Strategy

Sometimes the app or technology-based choices available to solve any given problem seem innumerable. For some perspective and results-oriented data regarding different providers and options, please contact us. As a solutions provider to many industries, we can help you identify both the solutions that will and won't fit your organization.